Branding Questionnaire for Authors



Author Positioning

Who are the authors in your genre with whom you would share readers?


How do you wish to position yourself relative to the other authors?


What differentiates you from the other authors?


What do you think is your/your books' strongest selling point/most unique feature?


Social Media Goals

What are your goals for this social media campaign & how will you measure success (i.e. increased sales, increased followers, increased engagement, add new fans to mailing list, etc.)?


What marketing and social media tools are you already using?  (i.e. website, Twitter, Facebook, blog, listserve/e-mail loops, newsletter etc.) Please list any URLs/user names.  Are they working/not working in your opinion? Why?


What image and values would you like to convey?  (i.e. edgy; for mature audiences; intellectual; for all ages; social justice; chatty & funny; voice of wisdom, etc.)


Audience Definition

What is your demographic audience (age, gender, interests other than reading if known, etc.)


What is your psychographic audience (personality traits, attitudes)? 


Who would be your ideal reader? If you met them at a party, what would let you know they are your ideal reader?


Subjective Study

Which authors, to you, are using social media the best?  Why?


If your author persona were a pop star/band/celebrity/actor, who would you be and why?  



What is your desired campaign launch date?   Is this in conjunction with a book release (and if so, when)?  


In your estimation, how often should social media updates go out? (We can discuss best practices)


How comfortable are you with retweeting/sharing other people's posts, and what percentage of your social media should be other people's content?


Will you be providing graphics, links, and other content, or do you expect your social media manager to create content and research appopriate links?


For items needing approval such as social media calendars and social media graphics., how long will you need to approve each round of work?


 Is there anything else that you would like to add that has not been covered?